Country Boys Hog Dog'n Hog Removal and Guided Hunts

With Country Boys Hog Dog'n you will experience exceptional hunting in East Texas and West Texas. Our customers never leave without scheduling their next hunt. You have the choice of hunting wild hogs with dogs and lights or use stands and feeders. Hog hunting is an all year sport so you can bag a trophy boar or wild hog anytime. You can use knives, guns, bows or a rope to hog tie the old fashion way. You can supply your own corn or spotlight for a better chance at night.

Success rates are very good if you hunt at the right time of day or night. Time of day and weather conditions dictate wild hog behavior. Even though wild hogs are nocturnal, they have poor night vision. Consequently, wild hogs begin their movements to and from bedding areas and food sources early in the morning or late afternoon. Hogs are more active, before or after, dramatic changes in weather conditions. Wild hogs are typically more active after dark during the four days surrounding a full moon. Extreme heat or cold is life threatening to a wild hog.; during the day, wild hogs bed down within dense vegetation to avoid exposure to extreme temperature conditions.

To book a hunt call Randall at 214-586-6449/ or Cody at 903-217-0660/ to discuss the dates and times available. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. Once payment is received we will confirm and put you on the calendar.

Price per hunter is $250.00 a day. Package hunts are available. Morning hunts will start an hour before daylight until noon. Evening hunts will start an hour before dark until one in the morning.